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Intermediate Machine Pitch

Intermediate Machine Pitch will be comprised of Baseball Age 6 and 7 year olds and will be a machine-pitch format. 

Note: One season of Rookie League at WCWAA or equivalent will be a pre-requisite for 6 year old eligibility in the Intermediate Machine Pitch division.

Working on the premise that Rookie League developed basic swing techniques and fielding fundamentals, this league will focus on making sure a player is comfortable in the batter’s box with a consistent pitch and/or has the opportunity to experience several different positions of play while on defense.  We feel this will be easier to accomplish with players participating among players of similar age and skill.  As is the case with Rookie League, practices should be a priority over games.


The pitching machine will be set on 4-5 which translates to approximately 30 mph

Advanced Machine Pitch

Advanced Machine Pitch will be comprised of Baseball Age 7 & 8 year olds and follow a similar format to our Intermediate Machine Pitch program.  The pitching machine will be set on 9-10 which translates to approximately 45 mph.

For questions regarding either Machine Pitch division, please contact Frank Gramarossa -